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Giving back and working together building the knowledge and skills of educators with social justice projects that inspire and transform. 

Makerspaces with Education that Matters.


Our STEAM and TRADE based learning, research, and professional development projects teach the next generation of scientific creative professionals and leaders how to lead sustainably.  With reading and writing added to the mix, STREAM allows students to develop vital skills such as problem-solving, communication, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and innovation along with essential technology skills sets. 

Scientific learning and scientific skills are important, but without having a human touch of emotion and feeling in it, the scientific logic is meaningless.  Meet our partners, global leaders using ground-breaking methods for a more sustainable future. 

TED Fellows, an acoustic pioneer, world peace leaders, award-winning producers, engineering marvels, and more offer innovative training for teachers, librarians, and students  – focusing on education that matters.

Sponsor innovative learning projects in your community NOW!

The Global Village Construction Set

Civilation Starter Kit

STEM Clubs

STEM Skills & Good Citizenship

Earth Matters

Your brand transformed

Community Engagement

Building Bridges

Models of Excellence

Solving Social Challenges through Community Based Architecture

Dollar Bill in Jar
Creative Fundraising

Cultivate learning and innovation with products that help not harm.

Sound Made Visible
The Sounds of Science

Where Science & Art Meet

Farm Bot

Technology Meets Agriculture

'The world is an interconnected system with interconnected problems. And a way to solve these problems is to call upon collective action.'

~  Buckminster Fuller 1978

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