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Championing Sustainable Development

Shift2Green offers a range of business support options to help non-profits and small businesses improve operational efficiencies, and, establish and extend their digital profiles.

Shift2Green constantly reaches out to create valuable networks of non-profits and small businesses that are eager to engage.  In partnership with local academic institutions, we match businesses and students with local non-profits where businesses can give back, students can gain valuable job skills and experience, and non-profits receive the support services they need.

Giving Back. Your business or generous donation supports non-profits making a difference.

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Let's Get Started

This session serves as an introduction so you know what you're getting and how we work, to decide whether you want to go forward. 

Taking the Lead

We will work with your team to achieve specific goals to meet your specific success criteria on time and within your budget.

New Opportunities

New business development concerns all the activities involved in realizing new business opportunities. We work with your specific needs and priorities including grant readiness.

Digital Calling Card

Custom websites with all the features you need to easily manage and maintain your business online.

Enlightened Business

Build your business faster, gain media exposure, increase profits and sustain relationships by uplifting the communities which make your business possible.

Your Brand Your Way

Develop your brand your way for both web and print media design and graphics.  Flyers, Posters, Presentations, and more.

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