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The "Earth Matter" series' informs, entertains and inspires a greater sense of environmental stewardship, and serves as a viable vehicle to align with to promote your services.

"Earth  Matters" made its radio debut in March of 2013 with the highly respected journalist and A&E icon Bill Kurtis as the host of these one-minute long radio episodes.  

The intent of the program is to present information that leads to transformation, as listeners learn more about planet Earth and what role we all play in the unfolding future.

"Earth Matters with Bill Kurtis" is heard in Chicago on WCPT AM/FM and nationally online to 1.4 million people and has broadcast 300 episodes.  John St. Augustine is the creator and executive producer of the show that is taped at the award-winning Kurtis Productions in Chicago. ​​


Bill & John make great partners and remind anyone not used to doing media advertising..." it isn't a sprint, its a marathon."

That, plus the fact that you have perhaps the most iconic broadcaster alive doing a soft endorsement doesn't hurt at all.

As a sponsor, you will also enjoy personal attention from our production team, dedicated to your account and available to deal with all requests quickly. 

Available services include audio and video-based branding, marketing, and public relations for your organization or business.

For more information or to discuss specific packages, email John St. Augustine.

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Earth Matters - The Ripple Effect - John St. Augustine, Bill Curtis
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