earth matters



MISSION. The "Earth Matter" series' mission is to inform, entertain and inspire a greater sense of environmental stewardship, and is a viable vehicle to align with to promote your services.


BACKGROUND. "Earth Matters with Bill Kurtis" made its radio debut in March of 2013 with the highly respected journalist and A&E icon Bill Kurtis as the host of these one-minute long radio episodes. The intent of the program is to present information that leads to transformation, as listeners learn more about planet Earth and what role we all play in the unfolding future. The Earth Matters series translates to audio and video 


DEMOGRAPHICS. "Earth Matters with Bill Kurtis" is heard in Chicago on WCPT AM/FM and nationally online to 1.4 million people and has broadcast 300 episodes. WCPT AM/FM is a Chicago based-progressive talk station with hosts/audience that leans towards sustainable environmental practices. 

WCPT AM 820 (Flagship) has a 150,000 weekly audience. The stream has 175,000 unique listeners per month. The Earth Matter minutes air up to 4X per day (depending on the level of sponsorship, your spot would be heard 1X or 2X per day in the Chicago market along with significant online presence.) Earth Matters will also air in "skip rotation" on FM 92.5 adding another 53,000 weekly audiences with the stream having 12,500 unique listeners for a total AM/FM audience of 203,000 and online audience of 187,000 total combined weekly potential customer base reach is 390,000 dedicated listeners. The online footprint (298K listeners) are located mostly east of Chicago in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Florida.   WCPT AM/FM is a Chicago based-progressive talk station with hosts/audience that leans towards sustainable environmental practices.  

PROCESS. Once the sponsorship format is agreed upon the buy is determined (1 or 2 X per day up to 26 weeks). This determines the production schedule along with a launch date for you with WCPT AM/FM. The team then work backward from that date with regard to ramping up and making sure they have two weeks of episodes in the chute for launch. That process would include all the talking points that will be worked into your 30-second spots wrapped inside "Earth Matters.' Once everything is ironed out a meeting is scheduled at Kurtis Productions to meet Bill and take you through the production process so you have a clear understanding of the partnership. 

TIMELINE. Assuming all the dominoes fall in place, you'd be up and running in 60-90 days, with your promos airing for at least two weeks prior to launch. In addition, they can arrange to have you be a guest at some point, on the PM drive show on WCPT in Chicago live, talking about your organization as we ramp up promotion of Earth Matters.

PRICING. Corporate and Non-Profit Rates available upon request for Radio and Internet-based programming.


John St. Augustine

Creative Director/Executive Producer. He started with five hours on radio-one hour a week for five weeks-with no prior experience in 1997 to "get it right". His talk show soon garnered a loyal listener base and would eventually expand into 80 markets. Along the way John earned a reputation as one of the premiere talk radio hosts in America for his intense delivery and interviewing skills. He created and hosted 6,500 episodes of the short form series "Powerthoughts"and a three-time winner of the Michigan Assn. of Broadcasters Best Talk Host Award. After seven years on the air, John put his microphone on hold and created the initial concept for"Oprah Radio"and in 2006 became the creator and Senior Producer of"The Dr. Oz Show","The Jean Chatzky Show" and "The Bob Greene Show" on the Sirius XM channel. He was instrumental in guiding and coaching high level talent from the role of "guest" to "host" and"The Jean Chatzky Show" was the first Oprah Radio recipient of a coveted "Gracie Award". Dr. Mehmet Oz credits John with preparing him for the spotlight of television from their work on radio. He is the creator and Executive Producer of"Earth Matters with Bill Kurtis"radio show and hosts the weekly program,"Life Matters"on the CBS Play.It podcast platform. With thousands of hours in front of and behind the microphone along with two decades of television appearances and platform speaking, John is highly regarded for his professionalism, visionary content and project leadership.

Bill Kurtis.

An American television journalist, producer, narrator, and news anchor. He was also the host of a number of A&E crime and news documentary shows, including Investigative Reports, American Justice, and Cold Case Files. Previously, he anchored The CBS Morning News and was the longtime anchor at WBBM-TV, the CBS-owned and -operated TV station in Chicago. Kurtis is currently the scorekeeper/announcer for National Public Radio (NPR)’s news comedy/quiz show Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, as well as serving as the host of Through the Decades, a documentary-style news magazine seen on CBS/Weigel Broadcasting's digital multicast network, Decades syndicated subchannel.