Students identify with affordable housing as a social challenge to tackle using community-based architecture.


Students are able to consider the social, environmental, physical, and cultural factors of affordable housing through the creation of tiny houses.


Students can research, design, engineer, prototype, and construct  “tiny homes” on trailers, which can be auctioned off or donated to a veteran or homeless individual in need. The houses can provide up to 350 square feet of comfortable living, sleeping, and storage space.

Schools can participate via outside workshops or in-school design/build classes. Students apply their core subject learning to design and build socially transformative projects.

Students can dream up, design, and construct community buildings. Through experimentation, non-stop production, tinkering, and a lot of dirt under their fingernails, students develop the creative capital, critical thinking, and citizenship necessary for their own success and for the future of their communities.

Using the power of creativity, design, and hands-on building students amplify their raw brilliance, transform communities, and improve public education from within.

Programs teach rigorous design iteration, tinkering, applied arts and sciences, and vocational building skills to give our youth the creative, technical, and leadership tools necessary to make positive, long-lasting change in their lives and their communities.

  • This project is beautifully crafted in conception and execution. Students took on the issue of affordable housing and create a viable solution with community-based architecture.

  • Serves as a wonderful example of students contributing valuable work with an incredibly beautiful aesthetic in service of an authentic audience.

  • This complex project empowers students to use math, engineering, and architectural design to create a useful, practical product.


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