Support us as we develop new opportunities for innovation and learning in the communities we serve. 


As a volunteer, donor, or sponsor, every contribution toward our goal is valuable. 


Our programs are collaborative, intergenerational, and support jobs skills training through service learning, all in support of a sustainable future.


Our innovative fundraisers' foster local economic development encourage healthier choices and give back to the communities we serve. .

"Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects."


Sponsor innovative learning projects in your community. 


You have a reputation for corporate social responsibility and together we can galvanize our efforts and go beyond business as usual.


Our programs extend your corporate brand and demonstrate value with innovative projects designed to stimulate interest in STEAM, develop job skills, fund scholarships, and give back to the communities you serve.


Social Impact + Innovation


Working together building the knowledge and skills of educators with projects that inspire and transform. 

$500+  - Host a workshop for up to 10 students to foster collaboration between Art & Science.

$1,500+ - Establish an after-school club or citizen scientist program with equipment and resources.

$2,500+ - Establish a multi-generational, research-based program that engages your community. Where technology meets agriculture using horticultural therapy to empower individuals who otherwise could not grow their own food.

$5,000+ - Establish an Immersive Learning Station that enables students and educators to reimagine collaboration, communication, and learning. 

$10,000+  - Establish a Makerspace that lays the foundation for a community-based distributed enterprise. Open Source Ecology's Global Village Construction Set starts with a 3D-Printer Workshop where up to10 educators and students build and calibrate their own 3D Printers in one day, while also learning how to generate 3D printing files in FreeCAD.

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