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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Cynthia Nielsen, CSM

Executive Director

With over 25 years of technology, education, research, and project management experience, Cynthia consistently demonstrates the ability to increase market share and fuel growth for new, advanced technologies in both the public education and private sector markets.

As an interim executive, Cynthia brings a broad set of skills and deep experience to create a stable platform for the next executive. This means a strong board, a functioning staff, good internal systems, and healthy funder and community relationships.  

Cynthia has been particularly successful at community engagement,  partnership development, and introducing new solutions to enhance brand recognition and extend market reach.

Cynthia has successfully built two startup businesses from the ground floor, including one of which grew into a leader in its market space.

Through a combination of ever-evolving technical, research, sales, and business development expertise, Cynthia continues to make a strong and enduring contribution to each challenge she accepts.


  • Entrepreneur

  • Strategic Consultant

  • Community Leader

  • Mentor

  • Volunteer 

  • Honorary Goodwill Ambassador for the Golden Rule & Distinguished Leadership Award iChange Nations and Golden Rule Int'l  (2015)

  • Certified Sustainability Manager (2012)

  • Top 500 Women-Owned Business in the U.S. US Media Inc. Rankings 1997-2004



"What lies behind you and what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies inside you."


                                         ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson



Cynthia is a dynamic and global thinker. She is all about putting action behind the words! Energetic, motivational, sincere, and trustworthy. She stands firmly and works tirelessly to bring success to her clients.


                 ~ S.Chiakas

Des Plaines Park District

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